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Product : Absorbent Cotton

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The Procurement Department is procuring comber noil from cotton spinners who are having Automatic Fibre Collecting Equipment to suck comber noil from Combing Machines to Baling Press automatically and this collecting system will ensure much less foreign matter in comber noil compared to the other system which is collecting comber noil manually.

Moreover, the Procurement Department is procuring only American or Australian comber noil in A Grade relating to fibre length <13/16” (2.5 percent span length)>, low micronaire value <3.0 – 3.9 Ug/In.>, uniformity <44 – 45 UR % (average)> and whiteness from local and international sources as raw material which needs FOUR HOURS to manufacture topnotch absorbent cotton using purified water from German water treatment facilities and Japanese chemical agents, e.g. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), in FIVE scouring/bleaching processes. Quality creates value.


Figure 1.

The Q.C. and R.&D. Departments are required to conform the production of absorbent cotton to the standards of  (1) the United States Pharmacopoeia XXI 1885, (2) British Pharmacopoeia (1980), (3) the 3rd edition of the European Pharmacopoeia and (4) Japanese Pharmacopoeia, which is highly absorbent, disposable, wholesome and hypoallergenic.

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