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Product : Absorbent Cotton Sliver

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The ultimate solution for Cotton Bud Machines and Cotton Ball Machines. The ingress of foreign matter in clean absorbent cotton and the wide variation of weight per 10 cm/1 metre and 10 metres of absorbent cotton sliver were eliminated from implementing rigid quality control by our qualified supervisors.

Protechma is in a position to manufacture bespoke absorbent cotton sliver ranging from 43 GRAINS (0.5 GRAM) to 1850 GRAINS (22 GRAMS = FOR PILL CANISTERS) in whatever the width/diameter or end uses to meet individual requirements to enable the production of a high quality end product. In servicing cotton bud and cotton ball manufacturers, Protechma has received the ultimate seal of approval.

The company provides the most advanced engineering technology combined with an unrivalled level of design and technical experience for the production of absorbent cotton and absorbent cotton sliver. This ensures the clearest understanding of individual customer's specific requirements and the expertise to meet the ever changing needs of derivative applications world-wide.

The company manufactures absorbent cotton and absorbent cotton sliver, to wit, the semifinished product, which will be supplied to end-users to manufacture the finished product, e.g. cotton buds or cotton balls, and the needs of end-users remain the company's first priority in maintaining the leading edge.

Protechma's international presence has also been consolidated by a global network of agents. Through these, the company has successfully established an important, on the ground presence in all the major international cosmetic and surgical markets in Asia, Australia and North America.

Should you require our sample absorbent cotton or absorbent cotton sliver for trial, please feel free to revert enabling us to send it directly to your address through courier.


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